Who we are

Who we are

“NorthEast India is the final frontier for the implementation of the post-independence development policy of India. The challenge here is to create a path for this region’s development through economic growth that is not only inclusive, equitable and respectful of bio-physical limits, but also ensures that the region’s rich resource base is adequately developed, utilized and harnessed for the benefit of future generations”- Dr. Sujata Dutta Hazarika, Founder GISDP.

Mission Statement

To inspire breakthrough innovations through business solutions for small and medium scale enterprises in North East India and to participate in the outreach and dissemination of ideas about the urgency to adopt sustainability in our value consciousness through education.


We at GISDP envisage a world in which economic growth, prosperity, social welfare, and human well-being are an intrinsic part of every social and business enterprise. We envision reliving Gandhian path to development through support and capacity building focusing on local development and empowerment of community. Our ventures seek to reinstate the potential of profit and economic growth underlying local, small-scale business solutions that are aimed at livelihood support, enhancement of community resources, entrepreneurship, empowerment of women and youth.


GISDP’s foundational values of business are based on two major premises arranged in a core circular area that determines autonomy and empowerment of self within a triangle that binds the core with a complex network of interconnections of the self with a triad formed by community, society and nature. The self and its interconnections are bound by a quadrangle, which is a reflection of the ethical paradigm of spirituality or self-realization, a consciousness of the soul different from the pragmatism of religion. The corners of the quadrangle are depicted by circles of Swaraj, Swadeshi/Localism, Aparigraha/limits to consumption, Custodian/trusteeship all connected through a linear paradigm of ahimsa or nonviolence. As in Gandhian perspective, economy for GISDP is part of every social organization, an institution to perpetuate collective values of human sustenance. We envision a world conducive to utilization and development of this essential character of economy to ensure distributive justice by merging production and distribution.