Natural Resource Management

Towards Sustainable Liberalism: Lessons from India’s last Frontier for post development Discourse

Stanford March 2014, the ushering of the spring is momentarily broken by a sudden shower of unpredictable rain. Sitting in a room full of scientist and delegates, hydrologist ,geologist and conservation biologists I intently listened to Professor Gretchen Daily Co-Founder and the Director of The Natural Capital Project introduce the objectives of this path breaking science to merge biological conservation and ecology with economics. A diva in the area of sustainability research Gretchen is the ruling proponent of the science of evaluating ecosystem services as a measurable economic deliverable service to people and communities. Widely influential, in the United Nations latest incorporation of the clause of Ecosystem services evaluation as a parameter in the environmental impact assessment Gretchen and her work mainly addressed economic invisibility of nature  has steered contemporary discourse on sustainability.

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